Ratmansky redux (“Firebird” again). Plus late breaking NEWS FLASH!!!

[ED NOTE: This just in from American Ballet Theatre press office: Ratmansky to choreograph full evening of Shostakovich symphonic ballets. First up: October 18 for City Center season; next spring, the whole shabang. Yay!] So now I've seen the other two casts: Isabella Boylston as Firebird, Alexandre Hammoudi as Ivan, Kristi Boone as Maiden, Cory Stearns as Kaschei; and Natalia Osipova … [Read more...]

The flap about “Firebird”

I loved Ratmansky's new Firebird at American Ballet Theatre. The controversy it has stirred up among critics and balletomanes--many are ambivalent, some downright despise it--also makes sense, given the local, Balanchine production's regular outings.  In the Balanchine and Fokine, the firebird is the only character that matters. Balanchine's choreography for her--early and late--is … [Read more...]

Rites of passage

From my Financial Times review of Tchaikovsky Suite no. 3, playing only until Sunday at New York City Ballet: Balanchine discovered in Tchaikovsky, his fellow Petersburger, romance and imperial elegance entwined - or at least following fast on one another. But in this odd, late ballet, the choreographer kept them apart.Tchaikovsky Suite No. 3 begins in a swoony state. Behind a foggy scrim, Ask … [Read more...]