Is it possible to present alienation without inducing it?

I ask on the occasion of Wally Cardona's Really Real at BAM through tonight, which does what you're always hoping for in a work--develop its ideas via its structure. Here, he's exploring individuation, isolation, or "falling free," as Kierkegaard, Really Real's reigning philosopher, puts it. Cardona divides each thing from each thing, including us from an emotional investment in the work. I didn't … [Read more...]

Coming to a big screen near you…

Frederick Wiseman's La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet--soon it will be all up and down the West Coast and in select cities in other parts of the country. Its stay at the Film Forum here in New York has been extended for at least another two weeks. Agn├Ęs Letestu and Mathieu Ganio rehearse Genus, choreographed by Wayne McGregor. Photo courtesy of Zipporah Films and Film Forum. Here is a chunk of my … [Read more...]

Go: Tere O’Connor and company’s “Wrought Iron Fog” at Dance Theater Workshop

Treat yourself, if you're so lucky: you only have till Saturday, and Wednesday, the house was packed. Some critics have been ambivalent--Gia Kourlas in the NY Times and Kathleen O'Connor at Danceviewtimes. I was enthralled, and set free for flashes of insight, from blast off to lights out. O'Connor is a brilliant choreographer, but his Mommy and Baby dances (2006 and 2004, respectively) … [Read more...]

Armitage toys with Africans; Han Tang Yuefu Music and Dance Ensemble brings ancient debauchery to life

Karole Armitage is a choreographer who misses more than she hits, but even that bumpy track record didn't prepare me for Itutu, playing BAM for a mercifully short run this week. Here are the first few paragraphs of my Financial Times review, out tomorrow: If cultural appropriation didn't already have a bad name, Karole Armitage's Itutu (until Saturday) would give it one. That the choreographer … [Read more...]