A subdued Garth Fagan

Mudan 175/39 by Garth Fagan. Photo by Paula Summit.I don't think this year's Joyce season is the best showing of Fagan's work. There's only one premiere--the lovely Mudan--but even that wouldn't be a problem if the rep didn't also fall on the minimalist end of the Fagan scale. Still, I admire the Rochester choreographer's aim and method enough to not much mind if one year is less revelatory than … [Read more...]

Spooky shows from Bill T. Jones and Joe Goode

I asked my friend and Foot colleague Paul Parish whether I could paste some of his review last week of Bill T. Jones's and Joe Goode's latest shows--Jones's is the big Lincoln fete we New Yorkers will be getting some side dishes from later this month at the Joyce--and he said, yes, please. There's all sorts of observations Paul makes that have me starting up with excitement--the unusual way … [Read more...]

If the movement is original but induces nausea, should a critic complain or celebrate?

I didn't do either in my review for the Financial Times tomorrow of the popular European choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's Orbo Novo. There were other things, for which I felt distinct dislike, such as the dance's confusion about its stance towards its material (a woman entering nirvana by suffering--if that's even the right way to put it-- a stroke). It's okay for the choreographer to be … [Read more...]

More on online dance-video collections, and why the likes of the Balanchine Trust might need to shut them down…[Wait: No they needn’t. Breaking News from real Lawyer]

After posting Foot contributor Paul Parish's eloquent and provocative outcry on the YouTube crackdown on user Ketinoa's large video collection, I received some illuminating information on copyright law from Marc Kirshner, of the newly formed Tendu TV. Here it is, filtered through the law-ignorant mind of moi: --In order to maintain their right to certain dances, organizations such as the … [Read more...]

From the ridiculous to the sublime: two current New York shows

So, in writing about this month's ridiculous, my big dilemma was whether to allot it one star or two in the Financial Times galaxy. The dancing might have warranted two, but the story the dancing was telling was so benighted.... I finally went with one. Here's the first few paragraphs of the FT review, which came out today: Another worldwide tango show has arrived in New York, in the sixth year … [Read more...]