“He’s primitive, he’s civilized!”–he’s Mark Morris

While my colleagues have admitted that something marvelous and strange is going on in Mark Morris's latest works, they've also been diffident. As Alastair Macaulay summed up in the New York Times upon the company's performances at the Mostly Mozart Festival last week, Both [premieres] are peculiar, imaginative, sincere... But [they] are almost impossible to love. I recognize that feeling, … [Read more...]

Cranky New Yorkers (scroll down to asterisks for part two: the so-called ballroom scene)

That's what we proved to be--we critics--when Tulsa Ballet hit town, with the governor, Tulsa mayor, secretary of state and members of the Ballet board in tow. I, at least, was hoping to love them--wouldn't it have been neat to find, far away from any of our dance capitols, that something great was stirring? It happens all the time in the other arts; take, for example, the Flaming Lips, from … [Read more...]

Jacob’s Pillow–my first time up

The Financial Times wanted a piece that explained the Pillow as well as reviewing the week's attractions for people not already in the know. A fun assignment, especially as it gave me an excuse (and the means) to go up there for the first time. I thought it was only California that you could drive in for miles and still be nowhere near the border.Here's a few paragraphs, taken from the middle of … [Read more...]