Moon Walker (with added insight from Paul Parish and Brian Seibert, critic and tap historian. Scroll down)

A friend called Thursday night, and I was slow to pick up. When we finally caught each other, he quipped, "Yeah, I know, you've been busy mourning Michael Jackson." But I'd been mourning him for years. A young Michael Jackson (by Kate Simon, via the New Yorker) Every time I saw a photo of Jackson more bleached, more narrow-nosed, more hidden behind glasses and scarves, than ever, I felt incredibly … [Read more...]

Wild Thing

Diana Vishneva approaches her roles with a completeness of imagination that makes the usual day-after review--this worked, that didn't--feel especially meager. For example, in Swan Lake most ballerinas identify the swan queen Odette's creaturely gestures with her fear, her guardedness, her vulnerability--the feelings that Prince Siegfried's everlasting love promises to defuse. But last night at … [Read more...]

June doings while Foot rests (plus long ps. on the Ratmansky premiere at ABT)

Dear Reader, In order not to tempt me to write posts, when I have other, less tempting things to do, I am declaring a hiatus here for the next few weeks. But to not leave you completely high and dry, here are the dances in New York I would go see (and likely will go see) in these last weeks of the heavy dance season before the dog days (and the Lincoln Center Festival) set in. For modern and … [Read more...]