Joe Goode: walking the line

God, did I love the Joe Goode Performance Group's show last week at the Joyce--and I sure didn't expect to from the reviews. So I was trying to figure out how to talk about him in a way that caught his balancing act, how he manages to vault over cornball sentiment while honoring it. A tricky accomplishment--and I don't know whether I did it justice in this review for the Financial Times (I never … [Read more...]

Postscript on Cunningham’s “Nearly Ninety”

Here's the review of mine I promised to link to--in the wonderful Financial Times,  where the dear, charming Hilary Ostlere used to write. Please click! One of the heavenly tangles in Nearly Ninety (dancers Silas Reiner, Holley Farmer, and Koji Mizuta; Photo: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times)A few followup notes: So we critics agreed about one thing, at least, that Nearly Ninety's set by … [Read more...]

University of California budget cuts threaten to wipe out dance classes (UPDATED M, 4/27)

My friend Paul Parish, irregular Foot contributor, writes from Berkeley: Don't know if you'll be as upset as I am to hear that the projected budget cuts at UC Berkeley are very likely going to wipe out the dance program -- the one in women's phys ed, NOT the Dance program in Performance Studies. But the phys ed program has been there for a hundred years -- Cal was the first state university … [Read more...]

Go: Final exits at “Nearly Ninety”

I have a review coming out--Monday, I think it is; I will link to it here--on the BAM Cunningham show that runs through Sunday, so I will keep mum on the subject except to say: It's worth going (of course--this is Cunningham) and it's your last chance to see the the serenely regal and eloquent Holley Farmer and the heartbreakingly immediate Daniel Squire do Cunningham. It's also the last … [Read more...]

Vicky Shick’s ripe “Glimpse”

The postcard for Vicky Shick's Glimpse--commissioned by the Extremely Hungary Festival and Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, which presented the dance last weekend--is a photo of a worn Hungarian-English dictionary opened to a page of ps: pelda to pince. Penz follows pentek as money does Friday only to take off on a byway: pep (pulp; the flesh pitted of structure). That's how the soft, … [Read more...]