Friends and art: more on the conundrum

Lori Ortiz provokes more thoughts: Hi Apollinaire,I've been meaning to add to this thread about friends.Deborah Jowitt, after receiving the 2007 Dance Critics Association award, said that she likes to think of everyone as a friend. I don't think I was the only one to exhale. It was memorable and refreshing.The issue is not only how one can be fair, but how ideas--intellectual property, as it … [Read more...]

More on Ratmansky, writing about the work of friends, and–new!–Luca Veggetti’s “Oresteia”

In response to my salivating over ABT's recent hire of Bolshoi director Alexei Ratmansky as its resident choreographer and my stupefied confusion over anyone not seconding that emotion (Swan Lake Samba Lady, aka Tonya Plank, and brilliant commenter and blogger Meg respond with a good deal less stupefaction and more penetration here) and my sheepish joy in broadcasting my friend Paul Lazar's … [Read more...]

Paul’s planet

A critic can't be objective about her friends' work, and she shouldn't try: it's wrenching--and dangerous to friendship. Still, I feel safe in saying that my friend Paul Lazar is FANTASTIC--so charming and ridiculous, and inadvertently wise--in his starring role as the center of the whirring asteroid that is "1965UU," a one-act play about language and its human predicaments--about love and … [Read more...]

Fantastic Ballet News: Ratmansky in the house

...a different house than anticipated this winter, when the Bolshoi director-choreographer seemed poised to take over Christopher Wheeldon's position as resident choreographer at the New York City Ballet, but who cares? As The New York Times reported yesterday, Alexei Ratmansky is going to become a resident choreographer, but of NYCB's rival across the plaza, American Ballet Theatre. The future of … [Read more...]