Nureyev as a young star on PBS this week… fact, tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9 pm, for New Yorkers (repeated Saturday night at 12:40 am--officially Sunday). The focus is Nureyev's Soviet years. The documentary, "Nureyev: The Russian Years," has its cheesy moments, but the footage of him dancing--both newly discovered film and clips from studio films and live broadcasts shot soon after he defected, in 1961 at age 23--are thrilling through … [Read more...]

What’s the pity? Eva Yaa Asantewaa reviews the site specific “Accounting for Customs” and the Times dance chief’s review. Apollinaire responds.

From Eva: "Accounting for Customs"--a new site-specific ensemble work by choreographers Andréya Ouamba (a Congolese performer from Senegal) and Reggie Wilson (U.S.)--utilizes the main entrance steps of the former Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House at 1 Bowling Green at the lower tip of Broadway. Some months ago, during an interview for "Dance Magazine," Wilson told me of his fascination with the … [Read more...]

What’s so hard about getting dance to “sing” on TV

Apropos of posts earlier this summer--from Paul and me and Tonya (a.k.a. Swan Lake Samba Girl)--about how dance translates to the screen (or fails to), here's an advance feature I wrote for Newsday about "Live From Lincoln Center's" national telecast this Thursday of Mark Morris' widely acclaimed "Mozart Dances." Morris and the wonderful 86-year-old director of "Live From...," Kirk Browning, shed … [Read more...]

Ah, summer in New York!

From Eva, in response to my call out in the previous post: Not much from me. Isn't this the time when we get to kick back, Apollinaire? [Ed: Oh, alright.] I'll be checking out some theater (and the occasional dance event) at the Fringe Festival and sometimes heading up to Lincoln Center Out of Doors, braving either the scorching sun or threat of downpours to enjoy some music and dance. Last … [Read more...]


...presence from me, at least, in the next week or so. Perhaps Eva or Paul will have something. In the meantime, did you see Paul's invention of a new drink to beat the heat? Out here in the East, the weather argues for it. From Paul Parish: A propos of nothing (and I promise I will write something appropriate SOON), in my other life, I have invented a new drink, and my friends have urged me to … [Read more...]