Resolve to Take Back Your Time

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I don’t have time to exercise because I’m too busy.  I can’t spend time with my husband because I’m staying late at work.  I won’t be able to see a doctor until February because I’m never free on Mondays. How many times have you used a version of the above statements? Chances are, you tell yourself or someone else “I don’t have time for that” on a daily basis. My life changed when I decided to stop thinking about my schedule as filled with commitments the universe has shackled me to, but rather as choices I’ve consciously made about how I … [Read more...]

Avoiding Brain Freeze: Wellness in the Workplace

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Working in the arts can be extremely stressful. Coordinating exhibits, performances and openings takes much work, organization and cooperation. Personally, I love controlled chaos of starting a new run, but I know how mentally taxing it can be. As an emerging leader, I have not yet encountered mental burn out from working in the arts. I also manage to maintain a pretty good work/life balance. However, I have participated in and overheard conversations with many senior leaders about the challenges of maintaining balance while holding high-demand … [Read more...]

Change at Work: The NAS Wellness Challenge

photo: Mike GL via flickr

No alcohol for 30 days! Daily workouts! Low carb from now on! It’s a new year, and like every January, many of us are guilt-stricken over holiday indulgences and bad habits. We resolve that this year, we will be better. But inevitably and despite our best efforts, life takes over. February 15 comes around and we’re back on the bread, feeling even guiltier than we did on New Year’s Day. While personal change is on many of our minds right now, creating change in our work can be just as difficult. What can we learn from personal efforts that … [Read more...]