A Framework for Meaningful Engagement


Editor’s note: As part of our blog event for The Summit at Sundance, we have invited participants in The Chief Executive Program to frame each of our problems to solve. Here, John Wetenhall poses a series of questions for thinking about the problem: Engage users/customers/stakeholders as true collaborators in shaping an institution's agenda. Beyond any fiscal challenges that cultural organizations may face, the core of what we do involves a meaningful, resonant and personal relationship with every human being who engages with our form of … [Read more...]

Museums in the Digital Age

Sebastian Chan

Sebastian Chan is director of digital and emerging media at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and a Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders Fellow. Watch the following clips and add your voice to the discussion, using the comments below to weigh in with your thoughts. In this clip, he talks about the convergence of street, markets and institutions and how that affects and is affected by the notion of "quality art."     Here he discusses the challenge faced by institutions as culture becomes … [Read more...]

What are the arguments for the arts that resonate with contemporary society?

Patrick McIntyre

Watch the following video featuring Patrick McIntyre, Executive Director of the Sydney Theatre Company and Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Leaders faculty member, discussing the need to talk about the arts in terms of its benefits rather than its features.     Add your voice to the discussion. Use the comments below to weigh in with your thoughts on how we in the arts create and articulate value.   … [Read more...]

The Lowdown on Arts Downloading

Further adventures in the arts - online and in HD. Not the digital arts, but the performing arts. Is your organization making its performances available outside your 'regular' venues? Do you think this will bring new audiences into your venue...or just let them see your work from afar? The Lowdown on Arts Downloading - WSJ.com. … [Read more...]