Handmaking America


National Arts Strategies is an apolitical organization, so this review about an unashamedly liberal and progressive book is a little off the beaten track for us.  But I think that every arts leader in America, whatever your political leanings, should read Bill Ivey’s latest offering:  Handmaking America.  In this beautifully written revisitation to the roots of progressivism in America, Ivey reminds us all of the extraordinary value that arts and culture have in shaping a meaningful personal and civic life, and the role we all could play in … [Read more...]

Agnes Gund: Taking the Arts Seriously

An opinion piece that has been highlighted many places but I still wanted to flag. The piece reminds one that the construct of "the arts" marginalizes artistic and creative activity. It makes the end product the focus of attention, rather than the role artistic activity is playing in society, the process of creating and participating in art, and the affect on people engaged through the work. "The arts" has its purpose in organizing a passionate interest group and securing resources, but I wonder if the cost is greater than the benefit, … [Read more...]