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The Lost Paragraphs from Arne Duncan’s Arts Education Speech at AEP

Well, by lost, I mean if I could wave a magic wand, this is what he would have added...Let me start from the beginning. As most of you know, last Friday at the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) Forum  held in DC, both Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education and Rocco Landesman, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts gave speeches on arts education.If you didn't know, humm, perhaps you've been traveling abroad?I would like to focus this entry on Duncan. Although I will say that most people are pretty happy with Landesman's speech. For a first … [Read more...]

Key K-12 Arts Education Legislation Derailed in Colorado

This legislation wasn't asking for much, compared to what many states have on the books. Nevertheless, it got quite the bum's rush by the Colorado School Boards Association, in particular. Click here to read: Critics Pan Arts Education Mandate Merrifield, a retired music teacher, is chair of the House Education Committee and is serving his last term. He's long been a critic of the shrinking amounts of time and money schools are able to devote to the arts and other parts of a well-rounded curriculum. As Merrifield originally unveiled the bill, … [Read more...]

Batter Up: The Federal i3 Grant Program

Today in Baltimore is the first of three technical assistance sessions across the country for potential applicants to the USDOE's i3 program. I have written two different entries on i3, click here and click here to read them.In a nutshell, the USDOE has set aside $650 million of Federal stimulus funds for education for this competitive grant program. The deadline for applications is May 11; and the "intent to apply" is "requested" by April 1st. The final guidelines were released on March 8th. There were relatively minor changes made in the … [Read more...]

Proposal to Scorch the Earth in Toledo Public Schools

There are times when the little policy matters seems irrelevant. Who cares if a subject is declared "core" by your state department of education or USDOE?Take a good look at this story coming out of Toledo. It is a rather stunning example of how a school district is proposing the elimination of all certified arts and physical education teachers and justifying it by declaring that the state doesn't deem the arts and physical education to be a core subject.Why fight for arts education positive policies?Your answer is in this new piece: click here … [Read more...]

American Teacher Magazine on Arts Education: Part Two

Last month the American Teacher Magazine, which has a circulation of over one million, had a cover story on arts education.  They have followed-up on the cover story, with a series of pieces submitted by educators from across the country, about the value of arts education.Click here to read the March/April edition of the American Teacher and its follow-up story on arts education in America.I have been told by sources, that the response by teachers to the January/February cover story on arts education, was the largest in years, as measured … [Read more...]

A Rapidly Growing Concern about Arts Education at the USDOE: Part Two

As part of the president's FY2011 budget request, the range of content and discipline-specific funding programs, including those for arts education, would be streamlined into three new categories: literacy, STEM, "what makes a well rounded education," where presumably arts education would be situated.This is a follow-up to my entry from last week: A Rapidly Growing Concern About Arts Education at the USDOE.So, essentially what would happen here is that many of the current discipline-specific programs, many of which receive line item funding … [Read more...]

The Official USDOE Summary from the ESEA Arts Stakeholders Meeting

This was sent along by the USDOE just yesterday: ESEA Meeting on Arts Education Summary … [Read more...]

The USDOE Wants You: A Call for Panelists

In what may just be the most competitive grant applications process ever, the USDOE has announced a call for peer reviewers for its $650 million Investing in Innovation Fund (i3). i3: The purpose of the program is to provide competitive grants to applicants with a record of improving student achievement, in order to expand the implementation of, and investment in, innovative practices that are demonstrated to have an impact on improving student achievement or student growth for high-need students, as well as to promote school … [Read more...]

The School District Arts Czar: Mistaking the Piece for the Puzzle

I was talking recently with a friend and colleague who expressed disappointment over how things turned out with the appointment of the arts education czar in her local school district. She spoke about how much effort went into advocating with district leadership for the creation of the position, how enormously high the hopes were for success, and how different the relationship between the czar and the arts education community ended up being from what was initially envisioned.I was once part of creating such a position. In 1994, as part of the … [Read more...]

College and Career Ready: A Possible Major Goal for the new NCLB

Oops, I did it again. NCLB is out! We're talking about the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. A front page piece appeared in today's Times about where ESEA is headed. Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), the engine of NCLB, appears to be heading for the hills, to be replaced by a broader measurement of progress, and a focus on "college and career readiness."The college and readiness piece is an interesting one, and would certainly be a major advance for ESEA. We've been hearing for quite some time now the concerns in higher education over those … [Read more...]

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