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Beaverton Oregon School District Meets the Required i3 Match

The Beaverton School District and Young Audiences Arts for Learning have completed raising the required match to secure its i3 grant from the USDOE.The school district and partners had approximately 21 days to raise the required $800,000, not a small sum for a relatively small school district, in this economy no less.Bravo! … [Read more...]

What do Children Need the Most?

A number of years back I was fortunate to attend a two-day conference on Arts, Technology, and Intellectual Property at Columbia University's American Assembly.  At the time I was working for the American Music Center, so the topic was something I had a vested interest in. As with most conferences, there was the introductory moment early on, where everyone in turn says a little something about who they are and why they are interested in the matter at hand. It's the let's go around the room and say a few words about ourselves moment.I have … [Read more...]

USDOE’s i3 and the Arts: The Six Percent Solution

Last Thursday, a day earlier than expected, the USDOE announced the 49 winners of the Investing in Innovation grants, otherwise known as i3.There were approximately 1700 applications overall, 53 of which were focused on the arts Forty-nine applications were rated the highest and are now in a period of confirming the required 20 percent match from private funding (unless a waiver has been granted by the Department of Education). The match must be confirmed by September 8th.Three of the 49 highest rated applications were arts-focused … [Read more...]

USDOE Announces 2010 Arts Ed Model Development and Dissemination Grants

The list of 2010 USDOE AEMDD grantees has been posted to the USDOE website. Click here for the AEMDD section of the USDOE website.33 grants were made; 200 applications were reviewed. The project abstracts have yet to be posted. One would imagine the USDOE is just a bit busy, what with Race to the Top and i3 in full swing, adjudication-wise. For the previous full round of AEMDD in 2008, there were 74 applications reviewed. The rough economy has made for stiff competition.From the USDOE Website:PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The program supports … [Read more...]

Arts Education and the USDOE i3: Who, What, and How Much Requested

As an quick update: this just in via email from the USDOE i3 Team: Thank you for your participation in the Investing in Innovation (i3) program and for your efforts to improve public education. The U.S. Department of Education (Department) received nearly 1,700 applications for the i3 competition. We are pleased to share that we will announce the names of the highest-rated applicants on August 5, 2010. At that time, we will post a press release on the Department's Web site, as well as share further guidance on the required 20 percent … [Read more...]

How to Increase Graduation Rates by Eliminating Arts Education Requirements

Well, that's just the misguided theory that the California State Assembly has unanimously endorsed.I reported on AB 2446 over a month ago. Unfortunately, it has been unanimously approved by the California Assembly and if approved by the Senate, and if signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger, well, that's that for the time being.Click here to read the LA Times story on the bill.Its author, Warren Furutani (D-Gardena) says in a statement on his website that "the intent ... is to increase high school graduation rates, which is an ever-pressing … [Read more...]

Innovation in Grantmaking: The USDOE i3 Program

Wednesday Morning, May 12... I am on my way this morning up to Albany, the New York State Capitol, for a lobbying trip. Nope, it's not "lobby day for the arts." It's just another day where one of my colleagues and I go up to meet with legislators and their staff members, to advance CAE's legislative agenda. A few of us are registered lobbyists. Yes, Martha, lobbying is legal for non-profits, within certain prescribed limits. What are we lobbying for? There's some legislation we're associated with that has been introduced in the New York State … [Read more...]

NYS Assembly Member Files Appeal to Force NYC to Meet State Law on Music Education

It's a savvy approach to a long-term problem: the New York City Public Schools do not provide the minimum levels of music (and arts) education required by the State of New York. Assembly Member Alan Maisel, acting on behalf of the Music Educator's Association of New York, filed an appeal with David Steiner, Education Commissioner, asking that the the issue be taken over by the State, whereby the State would impose a "corrective action plan," to be monitored by an entity outside of the Mayor or the New York City Department of Education.And of … [Read more...]

Guest Arts Education Blogger, Jon Deak: Creating Music with El Sistema, Part Six

Click here for Part Five Caracas, 13 de Abril, 2010 Having been so blown away by the rehearsal of the Simón Bolívar orchestra the previous Friday (see Part Three), and totally involved with planning these Young Composer classes, one might excuse me if attending the concert of the Mahler 7th Symphony this Tuesday evening would be somewhat of a let-down. But no. Even though Richard Mannoia was totally ill and could not attend, even though I myself was exhausted, this turned out to be an evening to remember for the rest of my life. First of all, … [Read more...]

Arts Education and Social Justice

This article, The Hijacking of Arts Education, was forwarded to me by my friend Andy Wolf, who just wrote this terrific and important piece for the NY Daily News urging New York State to forgo applying to Race to the Top.The first piece, the hijacking piece, which strikes me as a sort of way out there, Joe McCarthy world view where art education is being infiltrated by communists, is just the sort of thing that could end up in the hands of a right wing opposed to funding for the arts, including the NEA, NPR, PBS, CPB, etc. It goes so far as to … [Read more...]

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