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Bringing Arts Education to The Huffington Post

I am really pleased to be able to share with the readers of Dewey21C the news that I am now blogging for the new education section of The Huffington Post.
Click here to read: Waiting for All The Superheroes
I expect to post entries there somewhere between two to four times a month. It presents a somewhat different challenge than writing for Dewey21C: What I hope to bring to The Huffington Post, is a perspective on arts education to a publication that is not arts and arts education specific. For Dewey21C, my goal has always been framed by an audience that was primarily in the arts field, writ large. 
I hope that you will click on through and share the post with anyone you think is interested.

And please, please be sure to post a comment, as it would be great to show The editors at The Huffington Post that there is a lot of interest around arts and education.

WIsh me luck.

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