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USDOE Announces 2010 Arts Ed Model Development and Dissemination Grants

The list of 2010 USDOE AEMDD grantees has been posted to the USDOE website. 

33 grants were made; 200 applications were reviewed. The project abstracts have yet to be posted. One would imagine the USDOE is just a bit busy, what with Race to the Top and i3 in full swing, adjudication-wise. For the previous full round of AEMDD in 2008, there were 74 applications reviewed. The rough economy has made for stiff competition.

From the USDOE Website:

The program supports the enhancement, expansion, documentation, evaluation, and dissemination of innovative, cohesive models that demonstrate effectiveness in:

  • Integrating into and strengthening arts in the core elementary and middle school curricula;
  • Strengthening arts instruction in those grades; and
  • Improving students’ academic performance, including their skills in creating, performing, and responding to the arts.

Here’s the list:


This Friday, the full list of scoring for i3 projects will be released…

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