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Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress Looks at Arts Education

Last year, Parenting Magazine created the Mom Congress. Swell name, don’t you think?

There’s nothing like a group of fired up, crazy-passionate moms to get
something done, and when it comes to our kids’ education in particular,
there’s no shortage of work to be done. Mom Congress, a Parenting
initiative with Georgetown University — our education provider — is
here to help you make the changes you want in your local schools, and
for kids nationwide.

Well, this month the Mom Congress takes a look at K-12 Arts Education in an article titled Why Art Makes Kids Smarter, by Nancy Kalish.

They also have put together four organization links they are calling their Arts in Action Toolkit.

“…Gonzalez (MS 223 principal) goes against current practice and eliminates periods of math,
English language arts, and other subjects on a rotating basis to make
room for 12-week blocks of visual arts, drama, dance, and both
instrumental and digital music. “The academics haven’t suffered,” says
Gonzalez. “Instead, the whole school has improved.”


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