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Better for Some, Worse for Others: PTA Funding and Inequities in Arts Education

Here's a piece from the Village Voice about the gross inequities in education and arts education associated with the varying abilities of parents to raise funds for their child's public school.When school systems and state departments of education fail to establish instructional standards that include required levels of minimum instruction and/or fail to enforce such required minimums, what you get is a system completely out of whack. Here's a link to the article: Rich School; Poor School, by Kate Pastor."We don't have silent auctions and all … [Read more...]

Parents Are Key: Will We Ever Make Good on the Notion?

For this past year's Grantmakers in the Arts Conference, a few people were asked to write short think pieces to accompany GIA's arts education pre-conference. The following is the piece that I wrote about parent engagement:I've been hearing about the power of parents in education since I started as a teaching artist in 1985, and in 2009 you still hear it all the time, at meetings, conferences, in reports, etc. It's one of the proverbial "legs of the table." Certainly, we have from time-to-time witnessed engaged parents advocating with school … [Read more...]

Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress Looks at Arts Education

Last year, Parenting Magazine created the Mom Congress. Swell name, don't you think?There's nothing like a group of fired up, crazy-passionate moms to get something done, and when it comes to our kids' education in particular, there's no shortage of work to be done. Mom Congress, a Parenting initiative with Georgetown University -- our education provider -- is here to help you make the changes you want in your local schools, and for kids nationwide.Well, this month the Mom Congress takes a look at K-12 Arts Education in an article titled Why … [Read more...]

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