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Thanks from CultureGrrl: New “Participatory Financiers” (plus 6000th follower)

Many thanks to my six December CultureGrrl contributors, including the four who clicked my “Donate” button in response to yesterday’s “Participatory Financing” appeal. May I hope for 10 more supportive art-lings by the end of the year? Then we can all go over the Fiscal Cliff together!


My neighborhood cliff: New Jersey Palisades
Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

Meanwhile, my 6,000th follower, relatively new to Twitter and new to me, recently clicked in. She’s Mila Shugurova, an artist/writer from Toronto and multilingual tweeter (English and Russian):

Mila Shugurova’s Twitter photo

Speaking of interesting headgear, I’m poised to post on a museum exhibition that features just that!

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