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Coming Soon: My Getty/Potts Commentary on “Which Way, L.A.?” UPDATED

Warren Olney, host of “Which Way L.A.”

[UPDATE: The show has now aired, but I managed to give you the wrong link for listening live. But (if you can overlook your annoyance at being misdirected) you can soon hear the program’s archived audio, which I’ll embed in my next post.]

Fighting a bad cold (but hopefully not fighting my fellow program guests—Jason Felch and James Cuno), I’m scheduled to be heard at 7 p.m., LA time, tonight on Warren Olney‘s Which Way, L.A.? on KCRW, Southern California’s public radio station.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be discussing the story that I broke last Monday on CultureGrrl—the naming of Timothy Potts to the directorship of the J. Paul Getty Museum. My commentary will be fortified by a lot of hot tea and by a 40-minute phone conversation that I had with Potts on Thursday. (I guess that means Potts had no hard feelings about my preempting the Getty’s announcement.)

As CultureGrrl readers know, Cuno is the president of the J. Paul Getty Trust (and author of his just published, upteenth book extolling the virtues of the “encyclopedic museum”—Museums Matter). Felch is co-author with Ralph Frammolino of Chasing Aphrodite, the definitive investigative report on the Getty’s past antiquities scandals, controversies and reforms.

I’ll be writing more about my conversation with Potts later. For now, here’s Felch’s Friday LA Times article that raised questions about Potts’ past beliefs and practices regarding museums’ antiquities collecting. Potts, an archaeologist, is current director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and past director of the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth.

You can listen live at 7 p.m., LA time, here [my mistaken link]. I will embed the audio on CultureGrrl after it appears online.

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