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Museum Directors’ Salary Survey: An Update

It’s too late for me to append an update to my original post on 2007’s highest salaried art museum directors, as (incompletely) identified by the Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s survey: Those of you who get to me from the ArtsJournal home page would miss the update, since two days (during which I celebrated the Jewish New Year) and a lot of other bloggers’ posts have intervened.

Noelle Barton, one of the authors of the article that accompanied the survey, wrote to me to explain why some high-paid art museum directors fell under the Chronicle’s radar (as I had observed on Monday):

Our survey only polls organizations that raised the most money from private sources in 2006, or are the largest foundations based on asset size, in 2007. For this reason, some smaller arts organizations who may pay high salaries may not be included.

I’m not sure this explains why the directors of the National Gallery or the Los Angeles County Museum, to name two, didn’t make the list. As to why Michael Brand, the Getty Museum’s director, is unmentioned, Barton said:

Our survey methodology has us include an organization’s chief executive, and
the person other than the chief executive who earned the highest pay. Because Michael Brand earned less than the Getty Trust’s chief investment officer, James Williams, [as well as its president, James Wood], he was not included in our results.

And for an explanation of why my post on Monday listed the names of the well remunerated, but not the dollar amounts they received, go here.

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