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Where in the World is Lee Going?

Lifting the Lipchitz
Not to Kabul, nor even (yet) to Basel. It’s off to Cornell, for my husband’s XXth college reunion. (I’m not going to fill in the blanks!)
I hear they’re celebrating the return of “Song of the Vowels,” the restored Lipchitz sculpture that I saw nearly every day, because I nerdishly trudged to the library nearly every day. (It was right outside the entrance.)
I recognized it instantly a while back, when I was at the Williamstown Conservation Center, where it was awaiting its beauty treatment.
I will probably be partying like it’s 1967 (oops) till Monday. But you never know: I might just have to sober up at the Johnson Museum. Whether you want to hear about that is doubtful: You’re all partying with Dandy Randy in Venice, so what do you care about visual arts developments in Upstate New York?
Oh, did I tell you that Cornell had selected the now suddenly hot Steven Holl to design their new building for the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, then dumped him, and is now going with Rem Koolhaas instead?
Go figure.

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