A Beautiful Ritual


A simple observation from the proceedings of the FIFA World Cup:  Upon entering the stadium, each team is accompanied by a phalanx of children - each holding hands with a player. It's a beautiful ritual. To the child, it's a beautiful opportunity to stand upon one of the greatest of world stages and feel the energy as some of the world's most elite athletes prepare to perform at the highest of levels.  I don't know how they're selected, or … [Read more...]

Not Just Bad for Business

Dear Arizona

Though I love my home state, these are not proud days to be an Arizona resident. I'm talking, of course, about Senate Bill 1062, the so-called "right-to-refuse-service" legislation that has recently passed our State Senate and House of Representatives - and is currently awaiting the sign/veto decision of Governor Jan Brewer. Over the past few days, there's been an impressive roll call of leaders of business, tourism, economic development, … [Read more...]

Crista Cloutier: On Empowering Creatives


Crista Cloutier travels the globe teaching her original workshops, The Working Artist, The Working Creative & The Writer’s Life.  More than a teacher, Crista is a nurturer, emboldener and coach to career-focused individuals engaged in all sorts of artistic and creative pursuits.  Her website is: www.theworkingartist.info. In this interview we explore how the “marketing” and “audience development” challenges of individual artists compare to … [Read more...]

Where Do Audiences Come From?

In just 30 seconds - and without words - this AT&T commercial poignantly answers the question of how a son receives the gift of passion for football. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAQddBxWlNA The answer is universal.  The commercial could have been set in an art museum, concert hall, theater, science center, art studio or many such places. This is commonly understood.  When we were young, we were introduced to experiences that … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Resolve


A couple of months ago, I accepted an invitation to teach a semester-long upper-level seminar on Arts Entrepreneurship this Spring at Arizona State University. Having conceived, founded & operated Alliance for Audience over the last 10 years, I accepted the invitation with confidence in my knowledge, experience & ability to convey the substance of strategic plans, cash-flow management, human resources, marketing, board management, … [Read more...]

There’s More to Education Than STEM


Just posted to Slate.com, Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow offers a thoughtful, articulate and incredibly compelling argument for why the nation’s education system must pursue goals broader than STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Dr. Crow writes, “…resolving the complex challenges that confront our nation and the world requires more than expertise in science and technology. We must also educate individuals … [Read more...]