Please Sir, I want some more… Budget


Moooooore?  You want more? Let's face it, there are moments when the typical nonprofit budget process can descend to Dickensian depths of oppressiveness, misery and hopelessness. So let's take a moment to dream up a DIFFERENT story ... something joyous ... one in which all of the other parameters of your organization's budget remain the stable, AND... The reply to your request is, "Why, yes!  Gladly.  Here you go!  Here's an increase to … [Read more...]

Rocco’s Lore of Supply (& Demand)


Remember the heat that NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman took last year for suggesting that the arts & cultural sector is suffering from over-supply? He was quoted by the New York Times saying, "You can either increase demand or decrease supply. Demand is not going to increase, so it is time to think about decreasing supply." As you may recall, he noted that the NEA’s 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA) reported a 5 … [Read more...]

My Life as a Starship


  I am a Trekker.  I am not ashamed to admit that I own an (original series) Captain's uniform (don't call it a costume, please), my own set of "Vulcan ears" and an eclectic array of items both purchased and received as gifts including, yes, my very own tribble. As a kid, countless idyllic Saturday nights began with a Star Trek rerun (at 6pm on Channel 11 in New York) on a black & white TV while the babysitter heated up my frozen … [Read more...]

A Courageous Conversation about the Future

small AFA

This post is based on a message shared today with the members & stakeholders of Alliance for Audience - the independent service organization to Arizona's arts & cultural community (of which I am the founder & Executive Director.) The “need” that led to the formation of Alliance for Audience (and to similar associations nationally that focus on the cause of "audience development") was grounded in shared, long-standing frustrations … [Read more...]