Bright Idea: United Museum Renewal Services

Here’s a bright idea from Peter Van Allen of Bryn Mawr, PA…

“I am a member of a number of museums and nonprofits — maybe 8 or 9 all together. So throughout the year, I’m getting an almost constant stream of renewal notices. I can’t keep them straight.

Why can’t there be one company or organization that keeps all your membership information in one database? It could keep track of all your renewals, plus it would remind you of your membership level (individual, family, etc.). It might also send out weekly emails with information (exhibits, author talks, calls to action) customized to your memberships.”

Great idea, Peter!


It has been said that the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.  In that spirit, AUDIENCE WANTED dedicates this summer to stirring up a potpourri of creative notions & half-baked thoughts around the purpose of growing audiences for the arts & cultural sector.  Suspend practicality & judgment for the moment.  We are just brainstorming here – with an emphasis on BIG thinking and CREATIVE efforts.  

Together, let’s see if we can amass an absolutely HUGE number of wild & crazy ideas.  Got a Bright Idea to contribute?  Write it up in less than 500 words (along with a brief self-introduction) and send it to:

And if this is an idea that you’re already doing (or if you know somebody who has the power to make it happen) please get in touch, too! 

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  1. Tim says

    I too have this problem, but as a former NFP employee, I don’t think we need another FOR-profit service company sinking its vampire teeth into museum income. Especially with internet entrepreneurs coming out of the woodwork, seeking to buy underpriced assets and sell them back to us at an inflated price, this is a solution that’s worse than the problem. Remember that AIDS-walk company that turned out to be making more than their client charities?

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