What We Forget

The work of arts & cultural marketing is a never-ending frenzy:  pursuing PR, balancing budgets, gathering images, designing promotions, writing brochures, pulling mailing lists, designing ads, distributing fliers, reviewing sales figures, proofing draft after draft, scheduling mailings, managing print schedules, evaluating options, strategic planning, managing teams, coordinating with artistic, executive and board leadership AND SO MUCH MORE.

Amidst all the chaos, it is too easy to forget that the work we do is  incredibly meaningful to the audiences we serve.

Over the last month, I’ve been wholly engaged in what would be fairly termed “a desperate effort” to save Alliance for Audience -  the non-profit service organization to Arizona’s arts & cultural community of which I am the Founder and Executive Director.  And just two weeks ago, that effort led me to send out an urgent plea for financial support to the Fans, Followers & Subscribers of our primary service ShowUp.com.

Along with their pledges, many people sent encouraging words.  One very special note, which I am honored to share with permission of the author, touched me especially deeply:

Being on a very small fixed Social Security Income of $960.00 a month it is very difficult just to meet the few obligations we have. There is never enough to do much extra, if we get something we have used that money to see live performances by getting some great deals through your efforts. You have put smiles on our old faces many times in the past and when we get an occasional visitor from out of town and they ask us what is fun to do, we always look up things to do in your website.

So, since we believe that everything will work out just great we want to pledge $100.00 which is a really big deal for us and an honest sacrifice because we want to allow the opportunity you offer to continue so others will be able to enjoy the incredible service you offer. So if everything goes well, just send me an email and I’ll get a check off to you immediately.

May God Bless your efforts and may He provide all of your needs plus many more.

With tremendous gratitude (and relief) I can report that our supporters helped us achieve that financial goal.

But today, before we dive back into the delightful and addictive chaos of arts & cultural marketing (albeit, with numerous important lessons learned and future changes promised), let’s take a moment to remember that your work and my work is not really about budgets or advertisements or tickets or technology.

The essential work of arts & cultural marketing is about enabling artists and organizations to be DEEPLY MEANINGFUL to the audiences and communities we serve.

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