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ARTS ISSUES - September 1999

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  • MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Warren Beatty addressed Hollywood democrats Wednesday night amid hoopla fit for a president. Will he run? Still dunno, but the scene was delish. 
    Daily Variety 9/30/99
    AND: Some more scene-setting - hear it. NPR 9/30/99 [Real Audio clip]
        AND: WILL WARREN RUN? Warren Beatty makes a speech Wednesday night - might clarify his political ambitions for presidency. 
    Kansas City Star (Reuters) 9/19/99
    ALSO: Memo from LA Weekly: PLEASE do it Warren - here's why. LA Weekly 9/30/99

  • CULTURAL COMMITTEE LIVES: California's Lt. Governor plans to form a committee to investigate diversity in the entertainment industry. 
    Los Angeles Times 9/29/99

  • STATE OF THE NEA: Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts says five years from now seeds of the NEA's success will be seen to have started during the hard years of the early 90s.
    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 9/28/99

  • THE MOUSE BLINKS: Disney says it won't refer to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in its Epcot Millennium exhibit. Arab leaders back off their threat to boycott the company. CBC 9/28/99

  • THE GREATEST YEARS OF THEIR LIVES: Yes, another Millennium package. The Chicago Tribune asks its critics what was the best year of the century for each of their art forms. 1976 for dance...1954 for classical music...1910 for art...1982 for TV...1953 for theater...Chicago Tribune 9/26/99

  • ANCIENT MIAMI: Two primitive stone axes unearthed in downtown Miami were made hundreds of years ago by people who lived 530 miles away in central Georgia. The discovery suggests that ancient South Floridians were active traders and extensive travelers. Miami Herald 9/24/99

    CULTURE CLUTCH: The US senate has ditched an idea for a full-blown Committee on American Culture in favor of a much less powerful panel - a task force - which the entertainment industry still fears will be a forum to scapegoat Hollywood for school violence. Variety 9/24/99 

    Culture Clash: US Senate Democrats are trying to hold off a Republican-proposed Special Committee on American Culture. Could be only a task force without subpoena powers.
    Variety 9/23/99

    The Honest Truth: What those slick brochures trying to lure you into the theater or concert hall really mean to say. Salon 9/22/99 

    Dangerous Libraries: Because it doesn't monitor what children see on the internet, San Antonio public library is placed on a "Most Dangerous" list. 
    San Antonio Express News 9/22/99

    Bill Clinton neatly sidesteps a controversy, politely declining an invitation to give The NEH's prestigious annual Jefferson Lecture. Washington Post 9/22/99

    ICM's top partners made International Creative Management one of the top talent agencies in the business. They were an odd partnership that seemed to thrive on one another. Until last month. Their breakup has turned the talent business upside down. New York Times 9/22/99 [paid archive]

    Dumbing Down: Or is it up? A scholar tries to pin down whether our tastes are waning or the democratization of high culture is at hand. Washington Post 9/21/99

    ONTARIO GOVERNMENT REPORT recommends taxing violent entertainment and using the money for victims of violent crime. CBC 9/20/99

    More Money for NEA: An extra $4 million is the first big increase in several years. Washington Post 9/16/99

    PHILOSOPHY AND CREATIVITY: A scholar takes a whack at trying to explain links between creativity and communication. The Philosopher's Magazine (UK)  

    Tampa Tribune says new Pinewood Cultural Center is one of the few places in the nation to boast an art museum, cultural center and a botanical garden on a single campus. Tampa Tribune 9/17/99

    Media Mergers sends Creatives to Court: As corporations combine, artists and producers reach for their lawyers to protect their interests. Los Angeles Times 9/17/99

    Cultural Desert: With only 67,000 people, Billy Apple writes, Santa Fe has a cultural life worthy of a European metropolis. New York Times 9/17/99

    Take Out: According to Demographics Monthly, more than 60 percent of Americans ask for a doggie bag when they dine out. Chicago Tribune 9/17/99

    Arts Education and Movies: A San Francisco supervisor has floated an idea to tax movies and popular entertainment as a way to fund school arts education
    San Francisco 9/15/99 [video]

    Disney is Building a New Epcot Millennium village and wants to represent Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Arab world has threatened a Disney boycott if it does so. The Jerusalem Post 9/16/99

    Only 5 percent of Movies shown in Canada are Canadian made. In Mexico it's only 2 percent. The two countries got together last week to talk about how to preserve their own cultural identities. CBC 9/3/99

    CONGRESS IS WATCHING Let's see, no more Monica - what'll we do next? Some members of Congress want to scrutinize Hollywood sex and violence. A new round of culture wars? NPR Morning Edition 9/14/99 [need Real Player for this link]