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Image Transfer – Remix Culture at the Henry



  1. I wish there was a link to it on his site, but have you seen Thom Heileson’s “101 Sunsets/101 Love Songs”? It fits right in with this group – it’s 101 photographs of sunsets, taken from the internet – I think he even lined the sun up in all of them – coupled with 101 love songs, played all at once. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Hi Jenny. Yes I have and you’re right. Thom Heileson’s sunsets fit well into the theme, as well as being straight-up amazing.

  3. i am very happy that you did mention the fact of the missing seattle artists in this show – a fact that one could observe not for the first time. this is also one of the significant differences that would have to be named as another reason for the so very different recognition of vancouver and seattle artists outside of the region, vancouver’s institutions stay in for their artists and probably this is the case in most other places of the world – to recognize, value and to place in a broader context and perspective what is happening locally is a job that belongs to an institution. no-one else will do this if this is not happening in the place itself.

  4. Sara Krajewski says:

    Hi Regina,
    I’d like to clarify how Matt Keegan’s mother used the flashcard images – she was an ESL instructor and the images were used in teaching Spanish speakers vocabulary. That’s just the starting point for this work about shifting meaning and context, stock photography and language.

  5. Thanks for this! After reading other accounts, I’d decided to give this show a miss, but you make it sound fun. A show that takes the pulse of the present moment doesn’t have to be shallow. I usually associate you with old painters. Thanks for surprising me.

  6. Anonymous in Seattle says:

    I have to be anonymous because I’m an artist and I know the curator and want to continue to know the curator. Hell yes, this is a missed opportunity! Curators at the major museums in Seattle act as if they’re missionaries, bringing art to the ignorant. Shouldn’t it be more about integration than exclusion? The Henry has no idea how much damage it does to the NW community by leaving us out of something at least one of us or even two could have been included in. Come on! Is the Henry saying nobody in the region deserves to be in this show? Wow. Then it wants us to support it! There are teeny marginal opportunities the Henry makes a big fuss about on Hank Blog! Put us in the ring, coach, or play for another team. Judging from this show, I think Sara wants to live in LA. Go to LA, alright already. Can’t the Henry find one curator with global awareness and regional depth? We. Want. To. Be. In. This. Kind. Of. Important. Show. Stop throwing scraps and serve dinner.

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