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Norman Lundin – painting the past

Tornado Weather Northeastern Wyoming
oil / canvas, 2010
42 x 90″ #

The less you have, the more important what is there becomes. #

He is a painter of reduced expectations and subtle skill. He likes to show off that skill but takes pains that his final product have an element of the casual. The hard work he hides. It’s nobody’s business but his own. 
At Francine Seders Gallery through Oct. 3.


  1. alfred Harris says:

    These are beautiful.

  2. They are, aren’t they. They are why, quoting the Emily Dickenson poem, “Hope is a thing with feathers,” Woody Allen titled a collection of his essays, “Without Feathers.”

  3. To Norman Lundin: I love all your work. I can really feel a sense of place, a stark beauty and simplicity. My own work takes things out of place, sort of the opposite in which you work. You’ve given me some ideas to think about. I will check out your blog site from time to time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

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