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In the age of torture…

Myriad methods present themselves.

By intrusion:

Erwin Wurm

edwinwurmbomb.jpgBy solitude:

Tim Roda

timrhodababy.jpgBy force:

Regina José Galindo

ReginaJoséGalindoforce .jpgBy restriction:

Jack Daws

jackdawsmamatrid.jpgBy projection:

Roger Shimomura

rogershimbucktooth.jpgBy an excess of self-regard: (USA! USA!)

Grant Barnhart

grantbarnhartusa.jpgBy bad choices:

Susan Robb

susanrobbscratch.jpgBy malign intent:

Scott Fife



  1. Miss Marple says:

    Oh dear. Your postings lately have been disturbing. But quite intriguing.Very, very good dear. Keep it up.

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