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From Marsha Burns’ daily photo stream

You have to be on her email list to get it. If ever a woman could benefit from Flickr or facebook, it’s she. 

Burns, Dahlias


And this just in, from the Denver airport, Burns’ idea of a snapshot.



  1. I love Marsha’s photography. She explores more and beyond her works, she inspires.

  2. Bobbie Lyons says:

    To me, Marsha always seems to create an unyielding attraction to her subjects on why this, where will go. Then snap, you have a moment in time.
    The collection area takes on a whole new meaning.

  3. I own a couple of Marsha Burns prints from the 80s. They’re quite wonderful black and white prints with exquisite full range tonality. She got a fair amount of attention in fine art circles back then but somehow slipped from notice in recent years. What is she up to these days? Are these snapshots a fair representation of what she’s doing these days?

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