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The closers: Work of Art/So You Think…

The intensity has doubled for the contestants this year, which is
something that the judges have regularly mentioned. Often, we hear that
it’s amazing when a dancer performs well in a new style, because last
year the dancers weren’t expected to be at the same point. There were
twice as many of them, and the learning curve was lower. Each contestant
danced half as often as they do this year. #

I wonder if the new
format – picking only the top ten (or eleven, in this case) instead of
the top twenty dancers from Vegas week – is taking too great a toll on
these young dancers. Injuries like the ones Alex and Ashley sustained
are not trifling; these kinds of injuries can get in the way of a
dancer’s potential and career. (more) #

Judges on both shows had problems (here and here), not that frustration with those in charge is anything new. #


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  2. JellyBelly says:

    I don’t know why any y’all take these shows so seriously, Scarlett. All of them degrade participants and observers. Look at them long enough, you forget what art is and what it’s for.

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