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Portraits – outside the mainstream

Whatever else artists draw, paint, photograph, build, whittle or glean from industrialized rubble, the subject of the human form is a constant, both in and out of the mainstream. Outside the mainstream, then, where the secondary market rarely exists and price points on transactions are not covered in the New York Times, here is a small list of portrait artists of whom few have heard. From none do I get the I’ve-seen-this-before feeling.

(Click to enlarge.)

Billy King, from his first gallery show in 25 years. He paints as if he’s carving wood.

BillyKinggallery.jpgHeidi Anderson, Night Eyes.

HeidiAndersonnighteyes.jpgWalter Robinson. As a painter, he defines deft, but his incredible mouth keeps his work from getting the credit it richly deserves.

WalterRobinsonportr.jpgMargot Bergman:

Margopt Bergman.jpgFatima Allotey:

fatimaallotey.jpgJudith Page:

JudithPage.jpgGeorge Chacona:

GeorgeChacona.jpgMarco Zamora:



  1. Hey Regina
    I think it’s great that we were able to expose you to so many great artists with our Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives show at Vermillion
    Gallery. I’ve noticed that along with Marco Zamora you have recently featured Ana Serrano and Manuel Rios. We are extremely proud to be able to bring exposure to these hardworking artists that are so often overlooked by “Art Establishment Types” because their work often speaks to and about a marginalized (not for long, huh) “Community”. If anybody wants to see some more work from these artists as well as a host of others please visit vermillion or check out our blog –

  2. You’re right, Damion. Credit goes to you. The Marco Zamora link is to your show.

  3. Regina,
    Thanks so much for posting my painting as part Portraits – outside the mainstream. I am very honored to be included with so many amazing artists. How did you find me? By the way, this particular painting will be in a group show at Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles that opens on June 6.
    All the best, Judith Page

  4. Hi Judith. I believe I saw it in LA. I know I wrote your name down in a notebook, with a brief description, and just thought of you when on the topic. Love your work. Regina

  5. Hello — Regina H:
    ‘Glad to be in the know about your blog. Judith Page pointed the way.
    Yours ~
    Maria Creyts

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