Merry Christmas with the Antarctic

Patrick Renner in the Christmas Tree exhibition in Buffalo Bayou Artspark, Houston, Texas In my backyard of southern Florida, not much great Christmas art emerges. Most public Christmas trees, Santa sleighs and Bethlehem manger scenes are of the lowest quality. The people that create the Christmas displays for governments and religious institutions are only interested in visual prominence, not … [Read more...]

Pink Project in New Orleans – Brad Pitt

Charities have been utilizing the thinking and skills of artists for many, many years. From donated works for art auctions - to - donated design and labor for special events. Artists share the values of the charity and the charity typically needs the energy and positive spirit of artists. The Make It Right for New Orleans is one such project of mutual assistance. The difference with Brad … [Read more...]

New Color, New Start, Art Basel Miami

When I fall off the volunteer writing wagon, I need to start up in little bits. So here is one. Art Basel Miami reminded me of the conservative tendencies in public art. Even the quasi-sponsored public art projects, were without energy. Only the muralist at the primary flight project brought a little freshness to outdoor Miami. My photographs and few downloaded ones are at the AestheticGrounds … [Read more...]