Henk Hofstra, “Blue Road”, Netherlands

From the Trontoist and Wooster Collective Text from Trontoist. Images from Artist. Last April, 2007 Henk Hofstra created an "urban river" in Drachten, The Netherlands. The Blue Road installation is an example of what mind-blowing urban public art can be. Featuring 1000 metres of road painted blue and the phrase "Water is Life" written in eight-metre-high letters across it, the Blue Road is … [Read more...]

What’s in a Picture? Public Art Photo Contest

Submit by November 19, 2007, photographer Orrin has sponsored a public art photography competition on the Flickr site "Theme Competition/Discuss". Flickr has a very simple system for the competition. Each person easily "tags" his/her photograph with a competition specific code. Great way to link up images on the net. The leftside photo is one image "tagged" by Damiel from a cinema in Prague. As … [Read more...]

NYC Construction Barricades

Thanks to Joey at Curbed, check the info on the construction barrades in Lower Manhattan. Joey photographed one barricade in process and spotted the NYTime story. The project is documented with complete photographs on how to construct this street elements at reconstructionnyc.org. Re:construction is organized by Alliance for Downtown NY in collaboration with the Lower Manhattan Cultural … [Read more...]

What Makes Philly Art Good?

Over at artblog, writer Andrea Kirsh took the opportunity to dump on Philly's public art as an introduction to her review of two new books about public art in New York City. As Public Art Network gathers in Philly next June, here is my response to her. Ms. Kirsh. Your assessment of the public art in Philly fails to grasp Public Art in its cultural and artistic role. Your critique is fine for … [Read more...]

The Human and Nature: Singer and Del Sol

For artists, designers, architects and city planners, global warming is not a complete disaster. Suddenly the bureaucracies and politicians are willing to consider new directions in built forms. An explosion of actual possibility. Global warming has two responses. 1. New carbonless energy sources will be harnessed to human use and the Chinese and Indians can join the middle class consumer … [Read more...]