Car Hood Bandshell

Last week, the Black Rock Arts Foundation coordinated the creation of the Panhandle Bandshell in San Francisco. In part as a recycle advocacy action, the steel armature of the bandshell is sheathed in metal car hoods, decorated with obsolete computer motherboards and backed with a wall of bottles. The project is very collaborative with artists from the Finch Mob and Rebar (The inventors of the … [Read more...]

Billboard Fee for Public Art in Toronto

An artist based non-profit in Toronto,, has proposed a new funding source for public art. They have done the research and art lobbying. Maybe they will be successful. Who knows. From the Press Release proposes a charge of $6.00 per sq. foot of billboard space per year. Those funds will then be redirected towards public art. Thus, five 15'x25' billboards could subsidize one small … [Read more...]

Best New Municipal Website: Indianapolis

Congratulations to Indianapolis Public Art program and the director, Mindy Taylor Ross. They were the first to start an online system of video podcast interviews with artists and tours. Now they are the first to master the new Google map programs. Very easy navigation of the city to find public art by geography, type and artist. Will they become the first to succeed on "iphone" integration … [Read more...]

Sultan’s Elephant: Lunch Time Post

How can you not love the "little" girl and elephant? Thank you to Wendy Ewald (New York) for sending me to ArtAngel (London) that led to The Sultan's Elephant (London) that led to Hilary Talbot (Australia) blog. Ms. Talbot tracks puppets and techniques. Mixed site, but some real winners. Royal de Luxe puppet company performed in London in May 2006. Just fabulous. The 11 meter high puppet … [Read more...]

Mutating Public Art Context

What happens to sculpture in the real world of time and history? The Serra exhibit reminders me of all the discussions that I had with Tom Finkelpearl and Kyong Park during the Storefront for Art and Architecture exhibition on the Titled Arc in 1985. Serra's sculpture was precisely made for the site, but what would happen when the site changed - the front door relocated or even the buildings … [Read more...]

Too Neat Bus Shelters in Madison official public art chance of a lifetime for less experienced artists. For the cost of a little paint and one day of your life, seven artists transformed 1970's bus shelters on the main street of one of the most liberal towns in America, Madison, Wisconsin. Painted on July 1, the shelters will be demolished starting on July 29, … [Read more...]

Richard Serra: The first artist made popular by Public Art

I started with the idea to compare multiple flickr photos of the Richard Serra's sculptures at MOMA in NYC this summer. If you are interested, visit the 436 pictures on The MOMA Project. Favorite shots by the amateurs and professionals: Sky/buildings cut by curving steel line, walkers in a tight linear space, full body portraits against the rusting steel and kids when available. The real … [Read more...]

Ambiguous Gesture is Un-American: Lunch Hour Post

In Hamburg in 2004, Zoll-Douane art in public places exhibition asked 30 artists to create works about boundaries - mainly national ones after the unification of the European currencies. Artists Anja Steidinger and Raul Cordero projected the image of two people waving on the exterior wall at the entrance/exit of the exhibition. "Goodbye/Hello" presents the ambiguous gesture - waving - in which … [Read more...]

Pink Squares: Lunch Time Post

In 1968, Atsuko Tanaka created a large pink square of fabric floating over the grass. This summer the pink plane was re-created at Documenta 12 in Kassel. In Austria, another square pink will be constructed as a shallow pool in 2007. The "Der Rosa Platz" by Hans Kupelwieser is the Monument for Homosexual and Transgender Victims of the Nazi Regime in Austria. The letter "QUE(E)R" will rise from … [Read more...]

Abarca teaches Invention in the Urban

If you missed the opportunity in June, you can still see some small-scale inventions by artist participants in Javier Abarca's workshop on "Spontaneous Public Art". Taught through the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Abarca formalizes the methodologies of inventions by stressing the link between the immediate context and the artist's addition. "Close" Project by Santiago Cortizo in Abarca … [Read more...]

Blake Gopnik got lost in Europe

Blake Gopnik of the Washington Post cannot handle the world. He traveled to Venice, Kassel and Munster and concluded the artwork is directionless, an attribute that according to Gopnik fits nicely with the marketing of art. No artist is out. Everyone is equally for sale. I don't want to be as flippant with Gopnik as he is with three serious artworld events. Rather than stress his apparent … [Read more...]

The New Cell Phone Privacy in the City

As iphone fever overwhelms the electronic toy collectors, we all need to get serious about a future without privacy or distance in the classic sense. We remain tethered to everyone: lovers, friends, strangers and computer generated messages. What excuse do we have to cut ourselves off and take a break? I am sure that many, many artists have been making works for cell phones for a while, but this … [Read more...]