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  • DUSTING OFF THE OLD V&A: London's beleaguered Victoria & Albert Museum, trying to shore up sagging attendance and public perceptions of incompetence, has hired a marketing company to work on the museum's image. A report earlier this month "attributed the museum's difficulties to poor marketing and an excessively highbrow image." The Guardian (London) 02/27/01
  • THE MUSEUM EVERYONE LOVES TO HATE: A National Audit Office report announced that Londonís V&A Museum receives the lionís share of government funding, although its attendance continues to dwindle. But has the media unfairly trumpeted the negative charges and overlooked the reportís more balanced claims? "The report is actually a balanced and, in places, mildly complimentary document. Some of the museumís educational work is praised. So is its achievement of making most of its four million treasures available to the public." The Times (London) 2/26/01
  • WHAT HAPPENS IF NOBODY WANTS THE JOB? Before London's Victoria & Albert Museum selected its new director last week, headhunters had offered the job to several international candidates, but had been turned down. "It is known they encouraged quite a number of people to apply from all over the world. It subtly undermines the candidature in the end." The Independent (London) 02/11/01
  • JONESING FOR THE V&A: Many believe that the Victoria & Albert Museum needs a charismatic figure to pull it out of a prolonged slump. But Mark Jones, named last week as new director, "is seen as a subtle networker, a scholarly figure, adept at behind-the-scenes politicking but unlikely to stamp his personality on the V&A in a radical shake-up. Yet that is exactly what some critics claim is needed to save the 149-year-old museum from dwindling attendances and a nightmarishly bureaucratic way of working." The Guardian (London) 02/13/01
  • HOPE FOR THE V&A? London's Victoria and Albert Museum has been a mess for decades. Now "the reliably clumsy V&A trustees have finally announced the name of the new director. The result could be good news. It could be terrible news. Who knows? Mark Jones may not be an entirely unknown quantity - he has been running the National Museums of Scotland since 1992 - but he is untested at the highest level and was certainly the darkest of the three horses in the race." The Sunday Times (London) 02/11/01




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