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KEEP IT SHORT: One hundred Academy Award nominees gathered at the annual pre-Oscars lunch on Tuesday were urged by the ceremony’s producers to keep their acceptance speeches brief. The show clocked in at just under 4 hours last year, and the show producers fear its length is costing them viewers. "The Academy is calling upon all nominees to write up a laundry list of people to thank. Winners' lists will be immediately posted on the Oscar Web site," Variety 3/14/01

  • GET YOUR OSCAR FIX HERE: ArtsJournal readers love to claim the highbrow ground, but we know what you want. The nominations, from best actress to best key grip, all conveniently linked for your voyeuristic, Tinseltown-saturated convenience. E! Online 02/13/01

    OSCAR'S FOREIGN MEANING: "This year a record 46 countries have entered films in the foreign-language category, building on a decade-long trend. For little-known foreign films, an Oscar nomination is a prize almost as coveted as the gilded statue itself. It can mean picking up an American distributor, which in turn can open up markets, even those close to home that are otherwise inaccessible." The New York Times 02/11/01 (one-time registration required for access)


    CANADA'S OSCARS: "Maelstrom," an attention-getter at Sundance and Canada's hope for a foreign-film nomination at the Academy Awards, won Best Picture and four other prizes at the Genie Awards Monday night. The Genies honor Canada's best films. Ottawa Citizen 01/30/01
    • ..BUT HOW MANY CANADIANS HAVE SEEN IT? Canadian films account for only two percent of the Canadian box office gross. Why? No big-name stars. Tiny promotional budgets. And that movie juggernaut to the South. One frustrated film maker says, "[N]o civilization.. has survived without protecting its culture. If we want this one to survive, we have to, too." National Post (Canada) 01/29/01

    Golden Globes

    GOLDEN GLOBES: "Gladiator" and "Almost Famous" were the big winners at Sunday night's Golden Globe awards. Los Angeles Times 01/22/01


    BRITS HONOR ROMANS: "Gladiator" swept the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) in London on Sunday, winning five awards including best picture. BBC 2/26/01

    COMPLETE LIST:A list of all the BAFTA Winners. BBC 2/26/01




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