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  • NPR AGAINST MICRO-RADIO: Last year the American Federal Communications Commission decided to allow micro-radio broadcasting. The commercial radio industry screamed in protest. And so did National Public Radio. Indeed, NPR's objection to the plan is seen as one reason the idea (intended to help diversity in a rapidly consolidating radio market) might fail to be implemented. The New Republic 02/05/01
  • FCC APPROVES LOW POWER RADIO: Move lauded by neighborhood activists is blasted by the radio industry. Washington Post 01/21/00
  • LOW-POWER REVOLUTION: This morning the Federal Communications Commission votes on whether to allow low-power radio stations. If yes, it will revolutionize the FM radio landscape and thousands of low-wattage new stations could spring up around the country. Existing FM stations oppose the idea. Washington Post 01/20/00
  • What low-power stations mean to you. Salon 01/20/00





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