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DESIGN IS ART/ART IS DESIGN? "Shopping is no longer just a pleasurable activity, but a quest for aesthetic images and brands that extend beyond clothing labels and logos to bricks, mortar, paint and lighting, and to the brand name of the architect as well." New Statesman 03/19/01

SHOPPING BY DESIGN: The fasion store Prada has chosen three A-list architects to design its new stores: Rem Koolhaas's OMA, in Rotterdam, Zurich's Herzog & de Meuron and Tokyo's SANAA. Between them, these 'Pradarchitects' are designing six buildings that are meant to 'reinvent the concept of shopping' Gradually, we are witnessing a merging of theatre, worship, fashion, architecture, design and shopping." The Guardian (London) 12/18/00

IN HIGH FASHION: The lines between fashion photography and art are blurring. "Those worlds are increasingly entwined: not only because museums and galleries are choosing to exhibit fashion photography, but also because contemporary artists have engaged so directly with fashion. It's not just that you see them at fashion shows and parties wearing the latest Versace, Prada and Vivienne Westwood. Their involvement goes far beyond that." The Telegraph (London) 09/24/00

HIGH FASHION/HIGH PAY/HIGH INFLUENCE? The Guggenheim's new show of Armani fashion has reviewers in a tizzy. "Reviewers stumbled out of this array of some 400 garments in a higher-than-usual state of befuddlement, and have delivered themselves of reports written in rapturous poetry or horror-struck prose or, in some cases, both. And how do we factor in the US$15-million Giorgio Armani has reportedly given to the Guggenheim for its worldwide projects? Rich people have been giving tons of money to museums, and getting back favours, since the beginning of time. That's perhaps a horrifying idea. But has anybody really suffered?" National Post (Canada) 10/25/00

FASHIONABLE ART: The Guggenheim's show on Armani fashion is indicative of a shift in perception of fashion as art. The show "is a perfect example of the blend of fashion, art, commerce and academic analysis that marks the current cultural scene. How we dress now is a subject that engages semioticians, social historians, political analysts and gender theorists - 'fashion civilians', in the words of Colette's biographer Judith Thurman - as well as superstar designers, magazine editors, high-spending celebrities, and chic purveyors and curators of front-line style." London Review of Books 01/14/01

BUILDINGS AND BODIES: The Zandra Rhodes Museum of Fashion, designed by architect Richard Legorreta, is slated to open in South London in 2002. The museum will address why ďarchitecture and fashion move remarkably closely together at some points in history. The connections are intriguing, for buildings are in many ways a representation of ourselves, our bodies and the ways in which we clothe ourselves. We build facades for ourselves, not just for our buildings." The Guardian (London) 08/14/00






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