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ANIMALS ON PARADE (ANGELIC VERSION): Los Angeles had planned to populate its downtown streets with 6'4"-tall angels, decorated by artists. "But due to rain, red tape, tardy artists, cash-flow problems and the logistics of carting the 500-pound artworks (a 100-pound angel on a 400-pound base), Community of Angels is taking flight more slowly than project organizers had hoped. Los Angeles Times 03/10/01

THE DAMN COWS ARE BACK - AND THEY'RE SUING TOO: The fibreglass art cows are coming next to London - 500 of them. The animals-on-parade shtick is turning up in cities everywhere. But now the Swiss that started it all are suing the Americans who ran with the idea and there are countersuits and... The Independent (London) 01/29/01

BEAGLE INVASION: Much like the fiberglass cow craze that swept other cities earlier this year, downtown St. Paul, Minnesota has been overrun by 101 statues of Snoopy which were commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of St. Paul native Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" strip. NPR 10/05/00 [Real audio file]

ART THAT MOOS: Fibreglass cows and moose and even corn invaded the streets of American cities this summer. "Yet all the colorful animals and vegetables and cartoon characters are raising questions on the nature of public art, with critics branding the new works as kitsch that avoids controversy. Still, the works are drawing more praise than censure, and the trend continues to grow." Christian Science Monitor 09/29/00

DOUBLES ANYONE? Chicago's Mayor Daley and the Chicago Sun-Times are feuding. Not about taxes or police or misdeeds. It's about ping-pong tables. This summer, in a follow-up to last summer's art cows, the city has placed ping pong tables through downtown. The newspaper called the project a flop and the mayor's fuming; the city ordered the table in front of the Sun-Times building removed. Chicago Sun-Times 08/26/00

GONE TO THE DOGS (ER, COWS?): The most visible art in New York this summer is of the animal kind - from the Koons giant dog to cows on parade. New York Times 07/28/00 (one-time registration required for entry)

APOLITICAL COWS ONLY: A federal US judge has allowed the rejection of a decorated art cow proposed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The animal rights group wanted to enter its cow - bearing anti-meat messages - from New York's art-cow parade currently on view in the city. Yahoo! (Reuters) 07/16/00

HAVING A COW: Improbably, the 300-plus decorated cows that spent last summer on display throughout downtown Chicago raised some $3.5 million when they were auctioned off for charity. So much money was raised, the decorated fibreglass animals-on-parade thing has swept dozens of other cities this summer. Just what became of the Chicago art-cows that were sold last summer? Chicago Tribune 07/20/00

RAINING ON THE COW PARADE: The 500 New York painted fiberglass cows and their "suburban cousins" in New Jersey and Connecticut won't be off the streets until fall, when they'll be auctioned off for charity. Here are seven reasons why that's way too long a wait. New York Times 07/12/00 (one-time registration required for entry)

HOOF AND MOUTH DISEASE: The fiberglass animal craze is spreading to cities all over America. Latest to catch it is San Jose, which proposes to deploy 1,000 fiberglass bulls throughout Silicon Valley. At least the title of the project acknowledges the idea's commercial underpinnings: ``Silicon Valley Stampede: Home of the Bull Market.'' San JoseMercury News 06/25/00

HAVE A COW: Chicago's outdoor art cows have attracted more attention to the city's downtown than the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and pumped $200 million into the economy. Atlanta Journal Constitution 10/29/99

MERMAIDS IN NORFOLK, GIANT CORN IN BLOOMINGTON: Some three dozen US cities have deployed art on their downtown streets after Chicago reported a hit with its art cows last year. Now Chicago is talking about putting a twist on the idea next summer. "If Chicago can reinvent itself and come up with something even more inventive, I'd say we're up for a decade of things on parade." CNN (AP) 07/04/00

COW CLONES: Last summer Chicago placed 300 fibreglass art cows on its downtown streets and the city claims 2 million visitors came to see them, generating more that $200 million in economic activity. Sniffing a hit, some 30 North American cities are planning urban animal installations this summer - among them Toronto, which this week put up 100 10-foot-tall moose around its downtown. Chicago Tribune 06/07/00

NOW EVERYONE'S GOT TO DO IT: Last summer Chicago's art cows were the hit of the town. Now Cincinnati is planning a Big Pig Gig and Toronto is courting moose (mooses?). So Buffalo, well, what else would the city deploy but the big brown beasts? The project has been a hit with artists, sponsors and the public. Look for the first herd in May. Buffalo News 04/11/00

HAVE A COW: The New York Foundation for the Arts has pulled out of administrating a major city-sponsored art project this summer to paint and display 1,000 fiberglass cows. The city had sought to have the foundation impose a rule on artists stating: "Designs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (New York Daily News) 02/14/00  

HAVE A COW: Chicago's outdoor art cows have attracted more attention to the city's downtown than the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and pumped $200 million into the economy. Atlanta Journal Constitution 10/29/99




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