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Play It, Sam, Play It

Some music critics have a habit of making public lists of what they’re listening to, but even the self-described obsessives with “short” lists on repeat got nothin’ on me, a frequent one-album-at-a-time-thank-you-very-much kinda girl. This is something of a twisted truth, since it doesn’t count the listening I do specifically for work. Personal preferences aside, the realities there dictate that music consumption be done in a very organized, task-oriented manner. Writing a record review or preparing for an interview, etc. is another business altogether. And perhaps my after-hours listening habits are just my brain’s way of pleading for a little stability in the old ear pans once the day’s work is done, but I like to dig around when left to my own devices…and dig, and dig, and dig.

Right now I am seriously stuck on Holcombe Waller’s Into the Dark Unknown. His voice has a very distinct timbre that appeals to me, and his lyrics resonate inside generally delicate orchestration, delivering meaning that grows and morphs on repeated listenings.

On balance and whatever my neighbors might tell you, this album-on-repeat is still better than my last rut, which consisted of a single song. What can I say: I was Suzuki trained.

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