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The Index: What To Read Next

After a long weekend of travel, the number of “unread items” I had racked up in my blog reader was inducing panic attacks every time I checked in to put a dent in the ominously ever-growing pile. In the end, there were really just a few items that I saved for a full read–and the only reason I have for why slogging through hundreds of posts is preferable to simply hitting “mark all as read” when I get behind and starting clean.

In retrospect, however, I have to wonder: Did I really need to know any of this information? Wouldn’t these topics be covered again if they were really important (a quick multi-site/source rehash of the same topic seems to be how things are distributed online)? Is online content like advertising, where you see a message at least seven times before it really registers anyway?

Whatever the answer, I can’t seem to stop my greedy consumption. Like other bad habits of mine, this may be a behavior I need to work on altering somewhat in order to lead a more personally productive life. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for lunchtime reading material, here’s a quick sampling of what I learned:

The art of management
Business has much to learn from the arts.

Apple To Improve Download Sound Quality, Will You Notice the Difference?

Fear and Gaming: Being and Nothingness and “Minecraft”

Minecraft, an ugly game with no point and endless possibility.

Jeff Chang talks about the future of culture and technology

Non-profit arts sector has begun to rethink culture in a broad way.

And just for kicks:

Violin-Playing Robot Is Just Showing Off

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