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Talk Radio, Musically Speaking

If I had any extra hours in the day, one of the things I’ve long fantasized about doing with them–and this is going to give you a frightening window into just how exciting a life I lead–is to host a Delilah-esque overnight show on Counterstream Radio. I could send out dedications to your sweetheart, empathize about orchestration issues, and we could have a good collective cry if a call for scores didn’t result in a commission.

To date, this idea remains in the “to be pursued once independently wealthy” file, but elsewhere on the internet, the new music/talk radio combo is being explored full force. SoundNotion, a weekly audio/video podcast out of East Lansing, Michigan, gathers a few guys around the mic to chat about current events impacting the field. They are five episodes in so far, and you can track what they’re up to here.

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