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Guest Blog, Nick Rabkin: The Three Horsemen of Arts Education

It makes me happy to welcome back my good pal Nick Rabkin to Dewey21c.  --RK The Three Horsemen of Arts Education by Nick Rabkin       I’ve done research on teaching artists for the last three years—from Boston to San Diego—at NORC at the University of Chicago.  (My report is available for download at NORC’s website.)  The creativity, commitment, and accomplishment of many, many TAs has impressed me, and I’ve been encouraged by growing efforts in many communities to develop arts education more … [Read more...]

The Mayor Of London Gets in Front of a City-Wide Music Education Plan

Well, apparently he's both in front of and behind the plan. In fact, Mayor Boris Johnson is clearly excited by this project.Click here to listen to him speaking about music education and this new project.Click here to view the plan.There are many local music services,orchestras, arts organisations, charities and schools which do excellent work. This strategy sets out how we will champion them, help them to grow and reach out to more Londoners.It is great to see such a plan put together, that clearly has the sort of real deal buy-in from the … [Read more...]

What Does CSA, the Principals Union in NYC Think about Dedicated funding for Arts Education?

Arts education needs to be incentivized through dedicated funding. Because the NYC public school system is not meeting even the most minimal standard requirements for arts education, the arts should be treated as a "protected class" of studies. When it comes to arts education, we need all of our schools to be winners. It is critical that the DoE create a dedicated funding line with budget allocations for schools to prevent more declines in arts education and capitalize on the benefits of arts education for children.--Ernest Logan, President, … [Read more...]

A Vital Partner: The United Federation of Teachers

It's not the smoothest time for teacher unions these days. They're a a pretty easy target when people wring their hands about the state of K-12 public education. But, hey, what would their critics do without them. Who would they have to criticize and blame? (The answer is: teacher colleges and school boards, in case you haven't heard.)If you look around at most of the arts education programs nationally, you will find that the local teachers union is rarely part of the project. I believe that most people tend to view these unions solely through … [Read more...]

What Makes for A Positive or Negative School Culture?

Ed in the Apple is a blog that I've been reading since it first started a few years ago. My understanding is that the blog is associated with someone at the United Federation of Teachers. It's a very good blog in terms of giving a feel for what's going on from a teacher's perspective, and yes, to some degree from a teacher's union perspective. But, it's not all dogma, really. It very often takes the long view, bringing a rare historical perspective to the writing. And, it's pretty hard hitting. While there are certainly any number of blogs that … [Read more...]

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