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Ted Wiprud, NY Philharmonic Arts Education Advanceman: Blog #4, from Tokyo

To read Ted the previous installments of Ted's arts education travelogue click here for the first entry; here for the second; and here for the third. I love this entry. Can an ordinary 10-year-old compose music? Read on! RK***********************************************************************************************************10.11.09 Yesterday, the New York Philharmonic premiered eight new pieces in one concert at Suntory Hall. As though that's not news enough, the pieces were composed by ten- and eleven-year-old Tokyo schoolchildren: not … [Read more...]

Ted Wiprud, NY Philharmonic Arts Education Advanceman On Tour: Guest Blog #2

To read Ted's first blog; click this link.Within the Western educational system, the Teaching Artist attempts the most complete realization of student-centered learning. To borrow from Eric Booth, the word "education" has the Latin root "ducare" - to lead or draw, with the prefix "e-", out. The fundamental stance of the Teaching Artist is that every learner has inherent capacities that can be brought out by encounters with art. The encounter evokes a desire to know more, experience more, create more, that ignites learning. If this is a … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Ted Wiprud, Director of Education/NY Philharmonic: Arts Education Advanceman for the NY Phil on Tour

Please join me in welcoming to Dewey21C, my dear friend Ted Wiprud, Director of Education at the New York Philharmonic. I've known Ted for over 10 years, going back to his days at Meet The Composer. We used to do professional development workshops together for composers, and I have been a big fan of his music (yes, he's a composer!). Ted is on the road right now, in Japan, Korea, and Abu Dhabi. He's leading arts education work in those cities in advance of the New York Philharmonic musicians who are on tour.Ted wanted to share some of his … [Read more...]

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