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Guest Blog, Nick Rabkin: The Three Horsemen of Arts Education

It makes me happy to welcome back my good pal Nick Rabkin to Dewey21c.  --RK The Three Horsemen of Arts Education by Nick Rabkin       I’ve done research on teaching artists for the last three years—from Boston to San Diego—at NORC at the University of Chicago.  (My report is available for download at NORC’s website.)  The creativity, commitment, and accomplishment of many, many TAs has impressed me, and I’ve been encouraged by growing efforts in many communities to develop arts education more … [Read more...]

From the Source: Q&A With the Nick Rabkin, Author of Arts Education in America: What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation

A lot of attention has been paid to the recent report commissioned by the arts endowment: Arts Education in America: What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation. I thought it would be a great opportunity to pose some questions for the author, Nick Rabkin. Let's just say that rather than leave interpretation to others, that it's always best to hear directly from the horse's mouth. Many people are seizing upon this report as a sort of smoking gun for how cuts to arts education lead to cuts to arts participation, and conversely how increasing … [Read more...]

Not So Fast Chairman Rocco: Arts Education Has A Marketplace Too

Okay, everyone is all abuzz about NEA (as in arts endowment, not the National Education Association) Chairman Rocco Landesman raising the issue in a recent blog of there being too much supply for the demand. In other words: there are too many arts organizations in America.It's tough to argue that point. I am just not quite sure what to do with it. Besides letting the marketplace have its way, which it will, what else can you do besides working to provide the best capacity building possible and work towards a better capitalization of the field? … [Read more...]

David Steiner, former Director of Arts Ed at the NEA to become NYS Commissioner of Education

David Steiner, whom some of you will remember as the Director of Arts Education at the National Endowment for the Arts (he was Sarah Cunningham's predecessor), is set to be announced as the new Commissioner of Education in New York State. The Board of Regents is expected to announce this today.Steiner is presently Dean of Hunter College's School of Education.  … [Read more...]

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