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Guest Blogger, Jane Remer: The Law of Unintended Consequences: How “Reform” Became the Language of Defeat in 1983

Jane Remer's CliffNotes: Recently to my chagrin and discomfort, many scholars and practitioners in favor of improving public education through democratic means refer to current events and efforts in harsh terms. What we used to call "positive school change, development or improvement" has been cast aside as "soft and wimpy" and replaced with a lexicon that uses "reform" in its dictionary definitions as a punishment, laced with accusations of malpractice, misconduct, and even abuse. Perhaps without even realizing it, since 1983 those who want … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger, Jane Remer: The New Messiah: Are the Arts Waiting for Godot…er, Superman or Woman?

Let's welcome back Jane Remer to Dewey21C. It's been a bit of time since her last guest entry. I know I missed her. How about you? --RK************************************************************************************************************Jane Remer's CliffNotesThe New Messiah: Are the Arts Waiting for, Superman or woman? October 4, 2010 The latest flurry that has caught the interest of some, but by no means all, Americans (after all, we have the play-offs, football, latest sex scandal, questionable police shooting, the economy, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Jane Remer, CliffNotes, A Bastille Day Wish List

Congratulations, Richard, on this memorable Bastille Day which is also a marker for your second year on Dewey21C. I am delighted to be among your guests although lately I have been fairly mute. Once I finished the extensive article for Arts Education Policy Review (From Lessons Learned to Local Action: Building Your Own Policies for Effective Arts Education, Volume 111, Number 3, 2010) I needed to take a breather and gather my mental strength. I am hoping to expand it into a book once I get the go-ahead from the AEPR publisher. Meanwhile, a few … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Jane Remer’s CliffNotes–Scorched Earth: How Will Arts Education Survive The Current Climate?

It's been a little while since the resident guest blogger on Dewey21C has given us an entry. A big snow day in New York provided the impetus for Jane to get some things off her chest. In a no-holds-barred entry, Jane speaks volumes about the things that trouble so many of us.--RK*************************************************************************************************************As I watch the blizzard obliterate the view from my home office window, I can't help thinking metaphorically about what's going on in our country. I urge you to … [Read more...]

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