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Malcolm Gladwell on Creative Types: Embrace Chaos

In this 2007survey conducted by the Conference Board and Americans for the Arts. Essentially, school principals and CEO's were asked to rate a rank a list of statements as to their usefulness in demonstrating creativity. The statement: "comfort with the notion of no right answer," rated moderately high with CEOs, but very low with school principals, near the bottom, with school principals. This little factoid jarred loose from my memory when I read this entry by Malcolm Gladwell in the newest edition of the the expert section of the wonderful … [Read more...]

Who Owns Creativity?

Today, is the second anniversary of the launch of Dewey21C. Two years, 323 entries, 250,598 page views, 185,295 visits, guest blogs by Jane Remer, Ted Wiprud, Jon Deak, and David Shookhoff. Here's to the 324th entry!************************************************************************************************************It seems to me that for many years the rhetoric of creativity was owned by the arts ed field. It would be fair to say that was a time when few were listening.Today, creativity is perking up and ownership is up for grabs. Can … [Read more...]

Crisis in Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School

I was once asked by a charter school operator to assist them in finding some arts teachers. They showed me their instructional schedule for their all-day kindergarten and first grade classes, and I was floored, absolutely floored by the amount of time spent on drilling and test prep for reading and math.I mean, this is kindergarten. A five year old being drilled for hours on end. My first thought was that I would NEVER allow my daughter to attend that school, and I was pretty damn sure that the charter operator's kids went to private … [Read more...]

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