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The Mayor Of London Gets in Front of a City-Wide Music Education Plan

Well, apparently he's both in front of and behind the plan. In fact, Mayor Boris Johnson is clearly excited by this project.Click here to listen to him speaking about music education and this new project.Click here to view the plan.There are many local music services,orchestras, arts organisations, charities and schools which do excellent work. This strategy sets out how we will champion them, help them to grow and reach out to more Londoners.It is great to see such a plan put together, that clearly has the sort of real deal buy-in from the … [Read more...]

A Thousand Little Cuts: “The civil right is to an excellent education,” she said. “It’s not about having an art room.”

People say to me, what's the problem? Is anyone really against the arts in schools?My typical response is that it's not often one single event, it's more about the waves that wash it off the beach. Those waves have been the back-to-basics movement, NCLB, budget cuts, accountability, principal empowerment, site-based management, and so much more. It's why some of us in NYC have dug in our heels about fighting to restore dedicated funding (Project Arts) for the arts. This dedicated funding is often the only thing that holds the arts in place, the … [Read more...]

Arts Education Should Align with School Reform. Really?

Among advocates and wannabe advocates, I have lately been hearing that arts education must align with school reform. I heard this the other day at a splendid presentation by Narric Rome of Americans for the Arts and Najean Lee of the League of American Orchestras, at the NYC Arts Education Roundtable's annual meeting. I have also come across this recently through discussions of the National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC) Arts Education working group. And certainly, it is something that's been bandied about for years. I authored and … [Read more...]

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