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If There Were A Sure Fire Way to Improve Your Brain…

Okay, I have to admit, this is bit of a re-post, but according to my calculations, I figure any number of people missed the article and my blog, and the article is a winner.A year ago, Cerebrum, published Michael Posner and Nancy Patoine's How Arts Training Improves Attention and Cognition.If there were a surefire way to improve your brain, would you try it? Judging by the abundance of products, programs and pills that claim to offer "cognitive enhancement," many people are lining up for just such quick brain fixes. Recent research offers a … [Read more...]

What Can Dance Teach Us About Learning? — From the Dana Foundation

Here comes another piece on arts education and the brain, from The Dana Foundation's Cerebrum Magazine. I have to say, I love this stream of pieces that is being generated by Dana. This piece, What Dance Can Teach Us About Learning? "highlights the importance of including physical learning in the classroom, to stimulate creativity, increase motivation and bolster social intelligence."The AON experiments provide glimpses into a brain system that is exquisitely tuned to learn and to understand physical knowledge. Such insights from … [Read more...]

How Arts Training Improves Attention and Cognition–From the Dana Foundation

Have I ever mentioned that I love the Dana Foundation. Full disclosure: the organization I work for receives funding from Dana. With that out of the way, I just want to say I think they're one terrific funder and partner, doing exemplary work that is both unique, helpful, and dynamic. Dana's current issue of Cerebrum features How Arts Training Improves Attention and Cognition.Does education in the arts transfer to seemingly unrelated cognitive abilities? Researchers are finding evidence that it does. Michael Posner argues that when children … [Read more...]

Chicago Public Radio Looks at Music and the Brain

Last Friday, the Chicago Public Radio program Eight Forty-Eight took a look at music and the brain in a segment titled Researchers Probe How Music Rewires the Brain.Click here to read the transcript or listen to the segment online.So, listening to brainwaves is kind of weird and fun, but why care so much about the brainstem? Well, how good a job it does recording sound is a crucial step in the process of hearing. Understanding how exact the recording is, or where it might get fuzzy, can tell us about a person's reading problems, or why … [Read more...]

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